Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Resources Available on the Worldwide Web and From Missouri PTA  

  • National PTA Takes Action Network:
    •  PTA Takes Action: Federal Policy Update
    • PTA Public Policy Agenda
    •  PTA Takes Action Alerts
    • PTA Resolutions and Positions
    • Advocacy 101
    • Advocacy Toolkit
    • Advocacy Guidelines
    • Advocacy Resources (PTA Policy Issue Cards; Targeting Decision Makers; Tips for Effective Advocacy; Coalitions)
  • National Legislative Conference: 
  • National PTA E-Learning: ELearning-Effective Advocacy for Your Child- This course that will guide you in taking action on issues that affect your child and school community (username and password are on the back of your current PTA membership card). 
  • Federal Legislative Bills:
  • US Department of Education:
  • Government Guides and Information Pamphlets:
  • Missouri General Assembly:
  • Missouri PTA Legislation tab:
  • Missouri PTA Toolkit-summer mailing
  • Missouri PTA Legislative Handbook-winter mailing

Handouts from Springfield Council of PTAs School of Information (May 21, 2011) Be An Advocate

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