Did You Know Your Student Can Start College Now?

OTC logoSome of the best educational opportunities to start college early are FREE.  Programs available through Ozarks Technical Community College’s (OTC) five high school options, allow students time to earn college credit while still in high school, and you can literally save thousands of dollars!  Helping high school students to find direction, provide opportunities to jump start college, and to secure a bright future is the foundation of OTC’s innovative menu of High School Programs. Each program allows high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to start college early, explore career choices, and develop employability skills.   In many courses, students can “double dip” earning both college and high school credit at the same time!

OTC’s High School Partnership Programs

·         Career CenterEnrollment through the OTC Career Center is an excellent way to have the best of both worlds. Students who desire an earlier transition to college attend high school for one-half day and participate the other half of the day in a fun-filled, hands-on college environment in one of 19 career and technical education college programs.  Students can earn up to 40 college credits in technical education.  College tuition and transportation is provided by Springfield Public Schools and OTC provides the textbooks.  

·         Middle CollegeMiddle College is a full-day program available to students who prefer a non-traditional, contemporary high school setting.   Juniors and seniors complete high school on campus and start college early.  All students have the opportunity to complete an internship or valuable work experience with local employers prior to high school graduation.  Students selected for the program pick one of six career pathways including: early childhood, diesel/automotive, computers, medical services, or agriculture as their focus.  Schedules are individualized based on academic needs, goals, and abilities.

·         Health Professions Academy:  The NEWEST scholarship program falls under the Middle College umbrella and is provided through a grant from the Department of Economic Development, Springfield Public Schools and OTC.   This program serves high achieving students with an interest in the healthcare field.  This is a full-day program whereby juniors and seniors complete their high school requirements on campus, start an accelerated college coursework plan specific to the healthcare industry, and participate in paid internships at both Cox and Mercy hospitals. Students must qualify by meeting the following criteria to be considered:  3.00 GPA, good attendance, and low to moderate income.

·         Dual Credit:  The OTC dual credit program offers seated or online options.  Either way high school students have opportunity to obtain college credit at a reduced tuition rate while remaining on their high school campus.  Please see your high school counselor for the classes that are available at your school.

·         Early StartEligible students who would like to take courses outside of their normal high school day may pay tuition and take up to two college courses per semester at OTC.  This is a great way to advance a student quickly, take a class in the summer or at night, or start college early for the home-school student.

No matter where your student comes from, where they are going, or what they need to get there, one of OTC’s High School Programs can help them get there!  Our menu of services  is designed to be a perfect match for mature students ready to learn on a college campus.  Applications are now being accepted for the fall 2014 semester.  Connect with OTC’s  High School Programs at 417-447-6997 or visit www.otc.edu/highschool  to learn more about these amazing opportunities!

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