September Legislative Update


Join the JC/DC Network:  You can join online under the ‘Act Now’ section on the homepage of the MOPTA website for Missouri alerts and online at ‘PTA take action network’ for National alerts.

Print out from the Tool kit or download a copy of the Atlaw award from our website (  Make a commitment to complete the requirements during this school year.  Better yet, find a friend and challenge them to complete it with you.  See who can rack up the most points. Having a buddy is often the best motivator to accomplish long-term projects.

Attend a local school board meeting.  This is one of the best ways to learn what is going on in your district.  It will also give you better insight into how the administration and school board function together and run the school district.

Do you tweet?  Follow Missouri PTA (@MissouriPTA) and National PTA (@NationalPTA).

Make sure your unit has an active Legislative Chair.  This individual doesn’t need special training, just passion to speak out for every child.  We’ve provided a handy ‘How to be a PTA Legislative Chair’ tool that can be found in the Legislative Handbook and on the Advocacy resources section of the Missouri PTA website.


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