PTA Takes Action – November 2015

Missouri PTA Legislative Platform 2016

Each year Missouri PTA formulates a legislative platform for the upcoming state legislative session. The priorities are based on the issues the Missouri PTA Legislative Department expects to target for the upcoming state legislative session. As other issues arise, either in the form of bills or due to unexpected events, Missouri PTA turns to the state and national resolutions and position statements to formulate our stance.

The Missouri PTA Legislative Platform for 2016

  • Legislation that protects and calls for local control of schools.
  • Legislation to strengthen laws designed to protect minors from abuse and increase funding for programs and services aimed at the prevention of child abuse, neglect and maltreatment.
  • Legislation that supports increased access to mental health services for children.
  • Opposition to tax credits or tax deductions for tuition paid by a parent or sponsors for non-public elementary and secondary school children.
  • Enforcement of legislation requiring school districts to have policies that promote increased parental engagement in their children’s education.
  • Legislation that will maintain or generate local and state funding for public education.
  • Legislation that will safeguard the educational and personal records of students.

For more legislative information from Missouri PTA, please read the rest of the November Legislative report and share this information at your next PTA/PTSA meeting:

Legislative Chair report November 2015

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