2020 Reflections Dates

SCPTA Reflections Entries Due December 15, 2020.

City Level Awards will be announced Sunday February 21, 2021

Call for Entries video and social sharables for program promotion at your school.

Reflections Entry Submissions

Jessica Rosa, our Reflections Chair, got to Zoom with several of our PTA Reflections chairs during the three training sessions that she hosted this past month. We are off to a good start.

The Deadline for Reflections Entry Submissions is Tuesday, December 15th.

The Reflections Chair should gather the entries and entry forms from each participant prior to the deadline. We suggest making your school deadline a week or so before the December 15th deadline so you will have a chance to gather all the items needed.

Once you have all your entries and entry forms you can submit each entry and its pictures to both MOPTA.org (via your account log in) and SCPTA (by email to Reflections@scptamo.com, please include the school and student in the subject line, only one entry per email.)

Keep in mind that the awards or placement that a student receives from Springfield Council of PTAs will not automatically place them at state or national PTA, SCPTA placement is just another way for us to honor our students locally. Jessica and I are here to help, please contact us at Reflections@scpta.com and one of us will contact you. -Christi Mathews, VP of Programs (Nov. 29, 2020).