November 2020 Council News

Letter from the President


As the fall semester comes to a close, I want to thank all of you who have represented your units, especially those who stayed in place when your elections were not able to be held last spring and congratulate you on a job well done during these unprecedented times.  Remember to wrap up your units in a way that will help the new officers when the second half of the year and the new school year roll around. Here are some tips to help make a smooth transition for your officers, so the children are the ultimate beneficiary.

 · Have all of your officers meet with the new officers as a group and then individually via Zoom if necessary. Discuss the past years’ successes and failures and the coming years’ objectives.

 · Personally introduce the new officers to Principals, teachers, community leaders and other PTA contributors electronically if necessary.

· Have your officers complete their procedure books then pass them on to the new officers. Make sure all passwords and account information changes hands as well.

 · The treasurer should pay all the bills, settle all accounts, and be sure records are ready for the financial review if this still needs to be done.

 · A financial review committee should be appointed and prepare to review the treasurer’s books in a timely fashion if you have not already done so.

 · If the PTA bylaws were reviewed or amended make sure to send two copies to the Missouri PTA State office.

· Make sure you have sent the names, addresses and other pertinent information to MOPTA too. This needs to be done even if your officers are staying in their positions.

· Signatures on the PTA bank accounts should be changed to the new treasurer, secretary, and president if needed. (Remember that all checks should be signed by two people.)

· Continue to install new officers, and outgoing or retiring leaders should be thanked for their service.

Sincerely, Julia Spiva, President SCPTA

PTA Mission: The overall purpose of PTA is to be

A powerful voice for all children

A relevant resource for families and communities, and

A strong advocate for the education and well-being of every child.

From the Treasurer

_For starting 2020-2021: Once the financial audit/review is complete, file 990.

_Submit treasurer’s year-end report, financial audit/review, and copy of 990 to Missouri PTA.

_Change/Add new officers to Bank Account Signature. Bring in minutes from the meeting when officers were elected. 

_Submit membership numbers with payment each month to MOPTA. 

_Keep your bank statement reconciled every month.  Utilize Money Minder “Transaction Reports” to keep committees on track financially, I like “All Transactions for a Specific Category”.  Share with each committee.

_Submit the Treasurer’s Report each month.

Remember, it’s not your money. It is PTA / PTSA money. You are the steward and accountable to your unit’s membership.



Slate of Officers 2020-2021

National PTA News

You’re invited to attend Facebook Masterclass! To help prepare you to engage with parents and families in this virtual environment, our friends at


have created 3 new training sessions exclusively designed for PTA members. This masterclass will walk you through everything you need to know to be able to communicate more efficiently with your members, recruit new families, raise funds, and increase participation by leveraging the free tools and resources available on Facebook and Instagram.

Whether you are a state, council/district/region, or local PTA, this training will teach you how to get the maximum value and utility out of Facebook’s tools and resources.

Register for Facebook 101: Mastering the Basics!

Register for Facebook Tools for Garnering Support!

Register for Facebook Tools for Productivity!

See #HowWePTA / Make Your PTA Virtual

The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed how PTA/PTSAs communicate, grow and accomplish goals within their school communities. Many PTAs have successfully used web/app-based technology, software and resources to continue strong leadership and build and grow their PTA community.

National PTA applauds these efforts and has compiled resources to help you move your PTA into the virtual world. PTAs are needed now more than ever and the resources and tools on this webpage will help demonstrate your PTAs value and relevance and keep your PTA members—and mission partners—connected and focused on objectives central to the needs of the children, families and school you serve.

The PTA Clothing Bank

By: Mandy Mitchell & Taryn Raidel

The Clothing Bank is up and running with a limited schedule. Covid has changed our world as well as the way the clothing bank operates. We were able to be open September 24th serving close to 200 students in one day and on Oct 29th serving 252 kids and we ran out of clothes! We are at 50% occupancy capacity and have kept our volunteers to a bare minimum to allow for more shoppers. Many units have reached out to offer help in different ways and we appreciate it very much. After posting about our situation on Facebook, we had over 400 shares and the donations in response was overwhelming! The core of a PTA volunteer is serving with a loving heart which is so prevalent at the clothing bank! It is an honor to serve the children and families of SPS. This year more than ever the need for the clothing bank is tremendous. With an ever changing environment we do not have a set schedule and are planning shopping days one month at a time. We have not asked for volunteers as we have in years past to limit exposure possibilities. We thank each of you for your ongoing support and encourage you to follow us on Facebook where we post the latest information on openings and needs. Please reach out to us if you need information on how to share our information with your school families. We rely on you to spread the word about the clothing bank and what is available there! Thank you for all your support! We hope to see you all soon!!

Donations can be made on the Springfield Council of PTAs website using the donations button . Gently-used clothing can be dropped off at either Wash House location:

 Diversity and Inclusion

 by Toi Allen

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is happy to share how dedicated SPS is to offering an atmosphere for all children that is ENGAGING, RELEVANT, and PERSONAL. There were gaps found that needed more focus to accomplish the inclusion of ALL learners in this plan.  Focus V, an extension to the strategic plan was voted in by the School Board this past spring.  Focus V has five strategy levels of approach. The District is currently working on the 1st  level. Strategy 5.1.1 – Facilitating learning opportunities for staff and leaders that foster exploration of identity and self, and creating applications to demonstrate cultural consciousness in their work. See website Focus V for the additional strategies.

SPS’S department of Equity & Diversity is geared towards making these strategies a success. Their mission is as follows:

Committed to educational equity and ensuring that the learning and working environment at Springfield Public Schools is welcoming, accessible and affirming of ALL identities and lived experiences. 

The Equity & Diversity Team’s work is vital to the success for the RELEVANCE for ALL students.

On 10/21/20 Dr. Yvania Grace-Pusateri/SPS Chief Equity & Diversity Officer and Mr. Jimi Solo/SPS Coordinator III, Equity & Diversity,Workforce Development meet with a group of community stakeholders to share the progress. The Community Equity and Diversity Advisory Council were given the opportunity to ask questions pertaining to the progression.  Informative classes were provided to our District Leaders to enhance the continued success.

 Below are the titles of the classes provided:

Fall District Wide Equity TRAINING (GEORGE FLOYD, Systems of oppression, Systemic Racism, White Supremacy, Identity and Self) total planned training: 201 completed 101

Fall Equity and Diversity Modules for Certificate staff ( Social and Emotional training from an Equity Lens and Racial injustice)

Executive Leadership Team Equity Growth (1 hr sessions): Poverty and Class are intersectional, A deeper look at LGBTQ+ Identity, Empathy in equity, Identity and Intersectionality, Identity and Your leadership Role)So far the work towards the 1st goal includes: (Anti-Racism, White Supremacy, Identity and Community)

Stay tuned for more Updates…..

Please show the Diversity and Inclusion Committee how you, your family, your PTA/PTSA unit and or community honor your culture or heritage so we can include YOU AND YOURS in our April 2020 Virtual Celebration. There is room for you at the TABLE.

Submit your ideas or questions to Toi Allen/Diversity and Inclusion at . Thanking you in advance for any and all ideas shared.  

 The Month of November WE CELEBRATE American Indian Heritage

SCPTA Reflections Entries Due December 15, 2020.

City Level Awards will be announced Sunday February 21, 2021

Use these National PTA Reflections resources for program promotion at your school: Call for Entries video and social sharables.

Please join us at the November meeting. We will be voting on Officers, Bylaws, and Budget.

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