Council Newsletter – February 2021

Letter From the President

Greetings from Springfield Council! I can’t believe it has been a year since we have seen each other in person. I am so proud of each unit and how you have persevered and how you continually amaze me with your creative ways to support your schools. I am honored to be a part of this amazing group of leaders. I encourage you to keep pressing forward and reinvent the way you PTA. We on council are also pressing forward and doing the best we can to help in any way. During these slow times it is a great idea to review your bylaws and update if needed and also look at any areas that may need improvement.

It is also nominating committee time for all units and Council. Council has elected a nominating committee, which is always made up of a representative from each of the five high school attendance areas, with the chair being one of the elected officers from the Council executive committee. Council elections will be held in March. If you need help or have questions about your nominations or committee please contact me at

There will be no traditional Founders Day banquet this year, but we would like to honor your PTA. Please send a picture of your unit holding a Zoom meeting, clothing drive, dropping off supplies, anything your unit has done and let us honor you. Please send a picture to

Thank you for your commitment to PTA and your school this year. Never hesitate to reach out for more information.

Mandy Mitchell, President, Springfield Council of PTAs

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” – Arthur Ashe

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SCPTA has added a page to our website ( full of resources to assist with change that will present Diversity, Equity, and INCLUSION as the “New Normal” to offer understanding, love, and respect of our brothers and sisters from other moms and dads, with like-minded goals but different cultures. Advocating for ALL our kiddos. Many have gone before us to prepare the way and we celebrate their efforts and take our hats off to everyone invested in life-long learning,  time, energy , as well as provisions  that help advocate for ALL kids and their welfare.

National PTA spoke to Melissa Giraud and Andrew Grant-Thomas, founders of EmbraceRace, to learn how to approach conversations about race with young children. Click below to listen to this episode of “Notes From The Backpack/A PTA Podcast”:

Thank you to National PTA for providing us with a conversation about race and justice geared towards our kids.  Get comfortable; grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite beverage, lean in and listen. Take a few notes, add them to your daily conversations.  It will take a little digging to get a better understanding of our neighbors as a whole but, we can do it.

Here are more VOICES and resources on the topic of Racism:

How to Talk About Race and Justice in America

National PTA Diversity and Inclusion Outreach Group

Jan Harp Domene Award

National PTA is now accepting applications for the 2021 Jan Harp Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award.

The Jan Harpe Domene Diversity and Inclusion Award recognizes PTAs that best demonstrate outstanding achievement in the areas of diversity and inclusion, as well as efforts to end discriminatory practices.

Share how your PTA has championed diversity & inclusion for a chance to WIN $1,000! This award will be presented to one state PTA, one district/council/region PTA and one local PTA at the 2021 National PTA Convention & Expo in June.

Treasurer’s Report and Tips for Treasurers

The detailed Treasurer’s Report can be found at

Username: Password: SCPTA.658

Are you holding regular meetings and having a Treasurer’s Report at every meeting? This ensures proper systems are in place and will show the financial position of your organization at any point in time. 

Are you ensuring that a board member that is not a signer on the bank account verifies bank statements against the treasurer’s report every month and that you have this person sign the bank statement to show that they have done this?  This is a requirement of your PTA insurance and your insurance is invalid if you are not following this procedure every month.

PTA Clothing Bank

For the health and safety of our clothing bank volunteers, we decided to ease our way into 2021. We had our first shopping day on January 21st. It was a slow day, which we were grateful for. It was a sign that needs had been met across the district prior to and during our extended holiday break. We expect things to pick up in the following weeks. Second semester means everyone now qualifies for their second round of socks and underwear and many will hit their mid-year growth spurt.

We are finally catching up with the amazing amount of donations we have received these last few months. We still cannot thank everyone enough. For the time being, donations at The Wash House will remain closed, but we are accepting them at the clothing bank on Thursdays. Please Facebook message us if you have any questions about drop off times.

 If everyone remains healthy and free of quarantine, the clothing bank will be open February 4th and 18th. We look forward to seeing what the rest of this unique school year has in store for us. Thank you for remaining dedicated to the students of SPS!

Taryn Raidel, VP of Health and Public Services

Report of the Nominating Committee

Slate of Officers for 2021-2022 (election to be held in March):

President – Mandy Mitchell

VP of Organization and Development – Bill Peterson

VP of Health and Public Services – Taryn Raidel

VP of Programs – Jessica Rosa

VP of Promotions – Heather Buckner

Treasurer – Becky Volz

Secretary – Sarah Whitten

To read bios of candidates for Council Officers, please see this link > Council Officer Candidates Pictures/Bios

Currently, 7 candidates are vying for 3 school board seats in April. Join us for a Q&A forum to meet the candidates, March 4 during our SCPTA Council General Membership Zoom meeting beginning at 9:30 am.

Missouri PTA Zooming into Membership Event

Zooming into Membership Event
Thursday February 25th, 6:30 PM

Missouri PTA is excited to announce a 3rd special event in cooperation with the National PTA called Zooming into Membership (ZIM). This event will spotlight Local Units across the state to share ideas on retaining and increasing PTA membership. This month we will hear from National PTA and Missouri PTA leaders along with representatives from two Missouri units. Everyone will have time to share and ask questions. Click Here to register in advance for this meeting.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

Missouri PTA’s New Mailing Address

Missouri PTA, PO Box 30545, Columbia, MO 65205
 573-445-4161 or 800-328-7330
Join PTA For Your Child

Legislative Alert

Missouri PTA needs you to contact your Senator today and tell them to support PUBLIC SCHOOLS and vote NO on SB 55 (a combined Voucher and Charter Mega Bill with no local control or oversight). For more information and a sample letter to send to your State Senator (Sen. Lincoln Hough or Sen. Eric Burlison) please see this link: PTA TAKES ACTION

National PTA Legislative Conference
Join virtually – A unique opportunity for local leaders to join with Missouri PTA and National PTA leaders to advocate at the federal level. Register now to participate:

Notes from the Parliamentarian

Visit our Council Officer Resource page for Parliamentarian tips on running your PTA.

Basic Principles

Motions & Rules of Debate

Nominating Committee (part 1)

Nominating Committee (part 2) 

Feb 4 – Springfield Council of PTAs (SCPTA) General Meeting for all Springfield PTA units – 9:30 am via Zoom

Feb 4 – SCPTA Clothing Bank open – 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Feb 18 – SCPTA Exec Board Meeting – 9:15 am via Zoom

Feb 18 – SCPTA Clothing Bank open – 10:00 am – 4:30 pm

Feb 21 – SCPTA Reflections Winners Announced

Feb 25 – Missouri PTA Zooming into Membership Event

March 4 – SCPTA General Meeting – SCPTA Officer Election and School Board Candidates’ Forum – 9:30am via Zoom

March 9 – 11 National PTA Legislative Conference

March 11 – SCPTA Exec Board meeting – 9:15 am via Zoom

March 15 – 19 SPS Spring Break!!

March 21 – Send New Officer Information to Missouri PTA

April 1 – SCPTA General Membership meeting via Zoom – 9:30 am

April 15 – SCPTA Exec Board meeting – 9:15 am via Zoom

May 6 – SCPTA General Membership meeting – 9:30 am via Zoom (SCPTA Officer Installation)

May 20 – Springfield Council of PTAs Exec Board meeting – 9:15 am via Zoom

Where to Find SCPTA…


 Mailing Address:  SCPTA, 1458 E Chestnut Expwy, Spfld, MO 65802
    Facebook:  Springfield Council of PTAsPTA Clothing Bank; SCPTA President’s Network

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