March 1, 2023 Meeting


Treasurer’s Report

March 2023 Newsletter

School Board Candidate Bios

Updates to newsletter:

Missouri PTA

Reminder:  Some units have not yet turned in their state dues for this year.  Those are due now. Also, Nominating Committees should be forming ahead of elections.  Missouri PTA Board of Managers has openings and would love to see you fill out a Talent Bank for position(s) you can bring leadership and fresh outlook into.  

Missouri PTA Legislation team is releasing their Legislative Platform on the website and on social media in the next week.

SCPTA VP of Promotions

Founder’s Day is tomorrow at 6:30pm at the newly renovated Hillcrest High School.  Come celebrate PTA heritage and the volunteers that make magic happen in our schools and community each day!

HUGE THANK YOU to Jackie Wigginton from our Council for all of her hard work making this event a success and to Hillcrest High School and Hillcrest PTSA and their Event Chair Debbie Thompson for the detailed planning for this unforgettable event!