Unit in Good Standing


Local PTA units must be deemed to be “in good standing” in order to fully participate in the programs and benefits offered by the association.  A PTA unit is “in good standing” if it:

  • Adheres to the Purposes and basic policies of the PTA;
  • Remits national and state dues to the state PTA by dates required;
  • Has bylaws approved every three years according to the procedures of the state PTA;
  • Submits a copy of the unit’s fiscal year-end report  to the state PTA by December 1st of each year;
  • Submits a copy of the unit’s annual financial review (formerly known as the audit) to the state PTA by December 1st of each year;
  • Submits a copy of the required IRS tax form to the state PTA by December 1st of each year;
  • Submits the names and addresses of officers to the state PTA by March 31st of each year; and
  • Meets other criteria as may be prescribed by the state PTA.

If a local PTA becomes “not in good standing,” as soon as it has fulfilled the necessary requirements, it is again considered “in good standing.”  If your unit is affiliated with a council, please check for additional requirements that may be prescribed by the council PTA in order to fully participate in programs and services offered by the council.  If a PTA is not in good standing, neither the unit nor the students attending the PTA’s school are eligible to receive awards (this includes but is not limited to membership awards and the state’s Reflections contest).

By virtue of being part of National and the state PTA, the IRS grants a local unit PTA non-profit (501(c) (3)) status.  This requires PTAs to be non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-commercial. PTAs cannot endorse political candidates or parties. PTAs are not religious nor do they endorse products, services, or companies.

Unit Bylaws

Each unit should have a bylaws committee as a standing committee.  The bylaws committee should review Bylaws and Standing Rules each year and make recommendations for changes if applicable.  Every PTA is required to update bylaws at least every three years.  Please check for the Missouri PTA approval date on the last page of your unit’s bylaws to determine if your bylaws are due for review.

Suggested Bylaws may be ordered for free by emailing the state office at office@mopta.org.  A copy of your unit’s current bylaws may also be emailed if requested.


Please follow these guidelines when submitting your bylaws or amendments:


Bylaws and amendments must be submitted in Microsoft Word as an email attachment.


The last page of the bylaws must contain the names of the bylaws committee.


Once approved, an electronic copy will be returned to your unit.


Any email submission that is not readable is the responsibility of the submitting PTA.  The PTA will be informed of the problem and allowed to resubmit by other means or by hard copy.                                                                                                                                                                                 

PRO TIP:  Request Suggested Unit Bylaws from Missouri PTA.  Also ask Missouri PTA for a copy of your bylaws (make sure you are starting in the right place!).  Copy and paste all articles with a # (as # indicates required wording by Missouri PTA).  Once you have your unit bylaws updated with the current # articles and sections, you can resubmit to Missouri PTA.  If you are not making any amendments, you do not need your PTA membership’s approval.  Any amendments require notice to your membership and approval of your membership (see your bylaws for specific directions on bylaws amendments).

Please reach out if you have any questions!