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Positive school climates foster learning and decrease bullying behavior. In negative school climates, bullying is more common.

Research has found that the most effective bullying prevention programs build a culture of respect throughout the school, rather than focusing narrowly on the perpetrators and victims of bullying behavior.

Download the leadership guide for ideas to include information about Connect For Respect at your events, newsletters or social media. Opening the conversation is the FIRST step to preventing bullying.

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles

Prioritizing you and your families’ overall health is important component to living happy and meaningful lives. Living healthy means more than just eating a well-balanced diet, it includes self-care, physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is the shared responsibility of families, schools, and communities to develop the “whole child.”

National PTA has created a program to help improve the lives of all children and families by including information about the three main pillars.

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Earth

Look for ways to include information in newsletters, social media, announcements, and events to provide content about fostering healthier lives.

PTA Connected

PTA Connected

TikTok Tips (link: )

Download TikTok Tips (link: )

Parenting in the digital age is complex. On one hand, it’s the future. However, helping parents make informed decisions about the ever changing, face paced digital world is extremely important.

PTA Connected strives to help children act safely, responsibly, and thoughtfully online.

National PTA has been a partner to parents on digital parenting topics exploring issues on the minds of today’s families, connecting parents with tools, research and supports to make the best decisions for their children.

Host a Smart Talk Event (Link: )

Host a Be Internet Awesome Event (Link: )

Host a Digital Family Community Event (Link: )

PTA Connected has teamed up with TIKTOK, FACEBOOK, and GOOGLE to have ongoing conversations about the internet. Review event toolkits for ideas on creating content for your newsletters and social media.


STEM + Families

PTAs STEM+Families promotes hands-on exposure to science, technology, engineering, and math while engaging families and inspiring students to pursue career STEM job opportunities.

PTA’s vision is that all students have support and encouragement through family and the community for learning about STEM opportunities and careers.

By fostering passions for science, technology, engineering, and math through fun activities these experiences can bring families and communities together.

Learn more about STEM by hosting learning opportunities at home or in school. Also a great opportunity to build a relationship with your PTA unit and STEM teachers in your school.

At Home:

Host a Science Festival Program at Home (Link:

At Home Activities – learn about Invisible Ink, Osmosis Egg, Plastic Milk, Rainbow Flowers, and Strawberry DNA (Link: )

In School:

Host a Propelling Our World Event (Link: )

Host a Math Night Event (Link: )

Host a Science Festival Event (link: )

Or, combine events and host a STEM event feature multiple activities! (Link: )

 School of Excellence Program

National PTA School of Excellence

Council Founder’s Day Banquet

An evening of awards and celebration.  This event is held annually in February to commemorate the founding of PTA and to recognized outstanding volunteers throughout the district.  All PTA members are encouraged to attend.    Many PTA units have budgeted funds to send  officers, the principal and their volunteer of the year.  Our high school PTSAs take turns hosting the event and providing the backdrop for entertainment and fun you won’t want to miss.  For more information about Founder’s Day Banquet, contact our VP of Promotions at


School Crossing Protection Committee

Springfield Council of PTAs chairs the School Crossing Protection Committee and meets quarterly with school district, city, county, and state decision makers to discuss requests for crossing guards and other issues related to student safety. 

School Crossing Protection Committee

Walking Maps for Schools

To report a sidewalk need near your school – use this => form

SGF Yields

SGF Yields Safety Superhero Training from SGF CityView on Vimeo.

Link to share video:

The SGF Yields campaign aims to initiate a cultural change in Springfield toward being more pedestrian friendly.  To encourage this shift, the campaign utilizes two key strategies – education and awareness.

The education of SGF Yields is focused on making the community aware of the growing trend of pedestrian-involved crashes and what can be done by organizations and individuals to make an impact. 

The awareness component of SGF Yields is aimed at placing messaging elements directly in front of pedestrians and motorists as they are traveling. Sidewalk decals, vehicle magnets, stickers, heart shaped crosswalk signage and the Mr. Walker statue serve as on-street reminders to watch out for pedestrians.

The best way to teach kids on how to be safe in traffic, is by modeling it. Every time you leave the house on foot or bike, you have a great opportunity to demonstrate safety to your child. 

Infographics and videos are readily available for download and distribution. They can easily be attached to emails.  Great content for company or school newsletters, announcements, or social media.

Link to download graphics: Link to share video:

School of Information 

 A training event hosted by Council each spring to acquaint unit officers and chairmen of PTA/PTSA duties and responsibilities. The purpose of a School of Information is to give specific information on PTA jobs and resources available.   Workshops usually include President and Vice Presidents, Secretary, Treasurer, Legislation and Advocacy, PTA Reflections Program and Membership. For more information, e-mail us at

For more information, contact our VP of Programs at