Clothing Bank F.A.Q.

The PTA Clothing Bank
Frequently Asked Questions…

…and hopefully some helpful answers!

When are you open?  Most every Thursday and some Saturdays throughout the year.
Here is our schedule for the 2017-18 school year:

What time are you open?  Two answers: We are open from 9-5 on Thursdays and 9-11 on Saturdays TO RECEIVE DONATIONS AND FOR VOLUNTEERS TO READY THE CLOTHING BANK FOR SHOPPERS.  We are open from 2:30-5pm FOR SHOPPERS.

Where are you located? We are located at 2343 W. Olive on the backside of Study Alternative Center. We have our own separate entrance that is NOT accessible from Study school. Just drive around back or north of the school and you will see a sign designating parking for the PTA Clothing Bank. Follow the winding sidewalk and you will end up at our double doors. We have a sign over our entrance that reads, PTA Clothing Bank.

Who runs the Clothing Bank? Every PTA unit in Springfield Public Schools provide the funds, volunteers and clothing for The PTA Clothing Bank. The Springfield Council of PTAs, on behalf of all PTAs within Springfield Public Schools, runs the not-for-profit PTA Clothing Bank. It is staffed entirely by volunteers and stocked solely through donations.

How do I get a hold of the Clothing Bank? Our phone number is (417) 523-6437. HOWEVER, this phone is located at the Clothing Bank. We are not there everyday. We try to check messages from home often, but the fastest way to reach us is to PRIVATE MESSAGE US ON OUR FACEBOOK PAGE @ThePTAClothingBank. And a helpful FYI—during shopping hours, it is very difficult for us to answer the phone and serve our shoppers.

Who can shop at the PTA Clothing Bank? We serve any Springfield Public School student, kindergartener through senior in high school, who qualifies for free or reduced lunch.

How do I sign up my student(s) to shop? If at all possible, please go through your school nurse and ask them to refer your student to the PTA Clothing Bank. Your student will need to be referred again every school year.

What do I need to bring with me to shop for my student(s)? Your school nurse will have entered your student into our computer system. Please bring your STUDENT’S LUNCH NUMBER/STUDENT I.D.

What do we shop for and how many times throughout the school year? We hope to see your student for shopping visits THREE TIMES throughout the school year. We RECOMMEND that you space these visits out by at least 60 days so your student can receive seasonally appropriate clothing.

  • EVERY time they visit, they get to shop for 5 tops, 3 bottoms, 1 lightweight jacket, 1 dress
  • ONCE a year, they get to pick out a winter coat
  • ONCE a year, your student will receive 5 pair of brand-new socks and 5 pair of brand-new underwear
  • EVERY time they visit, IF WE HAVE THE ITEMS ON HAND, your student can pick out 1 pair of pajamas, 1 belt, 1 bag or purse, 1 gently-used pair of shoes, 1 pair of gloves, 1 scarf, 1 hat
  • ONCE a year, your student will receive a brand-new pair of sneakers from the Kiwanis Shoe Bank; HOWEVER, YOUR STUDENT MUST BE PRESENT TO RECEIVE THEIR NEW SNEAKERS.

Are parents/guardians able to shop for themselves? No, we’re sorry. The Clothing Bank serves the need of Springfield Public School students only. All clothing is for SPS students only.

What do I need to do to volunteer? Not a thing—just come over and jump in and thank you! J We ALWAYS need volunteers to manage the donations; sort clothes; get things out on the shopping racks; straighten the shopping floor; help with seasonal projects, etc. You can stay for a half hour or all day—whatever works for you we’re grateful for! We’re happy to say that volunteers always come back to help again! If you volunteer during shopping hours on a Thursday or Saturday, then you will most likely help our shoppers find clothing and/or help bag up clothing for them. We would; however, refer you to the schedule above to ensure that we are open on the day when you would like to volunteer.

Do you still sign up to volunteer by school? Yes, we still schedule each high school and their feeder schools to volunteer a certain number of Thursdays throughout the school year. HOWEVER, this does NOT mean that you can only volunteer on certain days! We welcome volunteers ALL Thursdays and Saturdays ALL school year long!

WHERE do I donate items? Two places: The PTA Clothing Bank at 2343 W. Olive when we are open on Thursdays from 9-5 and some Saturdays from 9-11. Please just check our schedule for specific days. We can give you a tax-deductible receipt at that time if you would like.

THE WASH HOUSE SOUTH COIN LAUNDRY at 3322 S. Campbell (behind Chipotle and The Review Shoppe) will accept smaller bagged donations for us. They are open from 7am-10pm, 7 days a week and are graciously taking any donations for us during those hours!

WHAT can I donate? We can use clothing for kindergartners through seniors in high school, sizes 4T to adult. We deeply appreciate donations of gently-used or like-new items. We go through all donations to ensure we only put on the floor items that are without stains, holes, tears or excessive wear. We can always use BRAND NEW in-the-package socks and underwear, especially packages of 5 or more pairs. We can always use jackets and winter coats. Some other popular items are gently used shoes, belts, pajamas, purses, backpacks, fashion scarves, costume jewelry and new blankets. We don’t accept bedding, furniture or household items. It’s more of a space issue than anything else.

What is the best way to keep up to date on donation needs, schedule changes, etc.? The best way to keep up with everything going on at The PTA Clothing Bank is to follow us right on our Facebook page @ThePtaClothingBank. Information is also available on the Springfield Council of PTAs webpage www. . You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram for fun. Please tell all your friends to like us and follow us, too!

What about snow days or holidays? We follow the Springfield Public Schools schedule, so if the system is closed for a holiday or snow day, then so are we.