National Parent Involvement Day – November 18

Background – from Project Appleseed (National Parental Involvement Day | Project Appleseed)

Since 1994 National Parental Involvement Day forms part of the weeklong observation known as American Education Week. National Parental Involvement Day celebrates public education and honors parents who make a difference in ensuring that every student receives a quality education. Project Appleseed’s next annual celebration of National Parental Involvement Day is held on November 18, 2021- the third Thursday of the month! 

Check out @NationalPTA Parent Toolkit, filled with resources to help parents navigate all of the academic, social and emotional milestones our children will experience. #NationalParentInvolvementDay

Shout out to all the parents, grandparents, bonus parents, step parents, guardians and family members who support student success everyday. #NationalParentInvolvementDay @NationalPTA

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